Valerie Aurora

Linux kernel and file systems consultant since 2007

I provide immediate expert Linux file systems and kernel consulting. I have extensive experience with:


"We hired Valerie Aurora to diagnose and resolve a tough multiprocessor locking bug in the Linux kernel. Her work was top-notch: Val's expertise and the set of fixes she developed allowed us to deliver a major customer project on time and on budget. I'd hire Val again without hesitation."

- Kamal Mostafa, Hardware Enablement Team at Canonical

"On a project at Swiss Rails emerged an urgent need for expert advice concerning filesystem problems we were seeing. Valerie responded extremely quickly and was always available to us when we were struggling with filesystem problems. We were really happy with her flexibility to tackle our problems first and sort out contractual details later, when the situation had become calmer."

- Tomas Pospisek, Sourcepole Linux consulting

About Valerie Aurora

I am Valerie Aurora (formerly Val Henson), a Linux file systems expert with 10 years of experience designing, developing, and debugging Linux and UNIX file systems. Selected accomplishments:

I write articles explaining file systems for a technical audience. A few:

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